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All Things Tudor - The Podcast

Feb 21, 2023

What inspired Henry VIII to build? From ships to palaces he was determined to leave his legacy - where with sons or architecture.

Join Deb and Dr Lily Fulson as they take a deep dive into how the machinations of the Italian Renaissance involved him. 

Lily Filson is a Renaissance historian with interests in transmission...

Feb 14, 2023

What caused the juxtaposition from bedmate to power player?

Monarchs in medieval Europe had extraconjugal sexual partners. What about the Tudors? Why was it only in France that a royal mistress could become a political power player? 

This unique episode of All Things Tudor explores this phenomenon with Drs Tracy and...

Feb 7, 2023


In this episode of All Things Tudor, historian Kirstie Dean, author of On the Trail of Richard III joins Deb to take a deep dive into the Wars of the Roses and examine the question...what if Richard III would've won the Battle of Bosworth?


Production by Rockwood Studios,...